This is your mind on drugs.

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Vastly World Internet

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Yeah. I’m back.


Still don’t really care about much. I’ve gotten lost in the summer months, and I’ve lazily waded through working two jobs and getting almost nothing done at either. Currently, I’m at my main job- I’m the ResLife summer Paint Lead for University. That means that I supervise a crew of about twenty painters who are my age, and I tell them what to do. I then leave the room, and close their door. They proceed to go to sleep and get little done. I pretend to not know, pretend to care when I catch them, and then I go and hang out for several hours. It’s great!


I just decided that a post about my jobs and my apathy towards them is unimportant. I had written a couple of paragraphs before I realized that none of it was interesting. I was bored by writing it, which leads into the real discussion. I’ve grown somewhat weary of the internet, and thrusting my thoughts onto it. malculo may be heading for dismantle. These days I spend my hours thinking about what I’m doing next year, since I graduate soon, my stereo system and how to improve it (it’s lame to everyone else, but I don’t care about what you think) and how to replenish my bank accounts. That’s about it.


I don’t think anyone cares about that. Once I start thinking about real things, I’ll bring it up.


signing off for now,




ps. i didn’t proofread. deal with any typos.


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I’ve finished a year at University, and I’ve got only one more to go. My mother is probably freaking out as a result, but it’s still the truth.

I’m damn sick of exams and all that, though. I didn’t really want to come back to school this year, but instead I grabbed myself by the throat and managed to strangle a study ethic out of me. I’ve written papers and taken tests. So far, since all of my grades aren’t in yet, I’m doing fine. I’m more than comfortable with my GPA, but it’s just a number.

It’s an unfortunate thought to realize that your GPA is so conclusive, and so permanent. I realize it’s possible to improve it, but once that grade’s in there, that number is set in stone. What does it do, really? I know it’s supposed to be a numerical representation of what you learned and what you know, but that is often trivial. So many employers never even glance at the digit dot digit digit, so why is it needed? Some higher level positions surely do, but only at a glance. References and experience are much more important than a GPA I scored eight years ago.

It seems to be a number given by the University to show what you know. I know exactly what I know, however, so why tell me that I only 86% of the jazz history material that we covered? Or why tell me that I somehow know 100% of the recording technology material? Is that even possible? I got an A (A pluses don’t mean a thing here, they are the same as an A. It’s stupid) but do I really know everything that I was supposed to? I know that I don’t. I just knew what to know for the exam and for the project. I guess I screwed the system.

Yes, a stream of consciousness piece of garbage that started off unoriginal and ended up being a stock student rant. I probably post something about fair trade or Amnesty international next.

car WRECK!

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I now have a pretty bitchin’ car accident story. It boils down to me being rear-ended, but it was by a huge company truck (think a beefy ford 350) that hit me into the car in front of me, which hit the car in front of them. Yeah, the guy hit me hard. I drive an older Rav4, and while it has some problems, it’s actually pretty solid. However, the entire rear end was pushed in about a foot and rear windshield exploded. The wiper was comically hanging there, ready to service. The rear passenger door no longer opens either.

The sound that came with the crash was unbelievable. It was surreal. While the impact was still happening, this enormous explosion of glass and metal came thundering through the car, and I remember thinking “damn! that was loud, and this hurts.” Then I was fine.

Whatever, I loved that car, but it’s probably done now. I’m sure the insurance won’t fix it, they’ll probably just total it. It’s a good story, though.

I’m not really in the mood to write more, and I have no idea if this all made sense. I don’t feel like proofreading.

New Speakers

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More from the audiophile front. Bought some 80’s Bose 301 Series II speakers today for 5 bucks. They said As Is, so I didn’t know if they would work. They do, and they rock hard. I love thrift stores.

Now I just need my other 250 tapes to get here, and I’m in business.

Road Trip

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So I’m sitting here, waiting, looking out the window. I’ve got a few minutes before my ride gets here to take me to the airport. I’m flying out to New Mexico, picking up a van, then driving it back to Washington D.C..

So yes, I am going on a road trip, yes it will be super sweet, and as a result, no, I will not be posting on malculo for a few days.

Ho hum.


Audiophile Update

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Awhile ago I discussed my overwhelming desire to build my stereo system up and acquire as much music as I could. It’s been awhile now, and after today I think it’s time for an update.
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